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Our Emissaries

Kharkov, Ukraine:
John & Cathy OBrien

U of A, Tucson:
Kirk & Regina Walker

Pucallpa, Peru:
Jason & Shelly Estelle


We are pleased and blessed to participate in the ministries of several shaliachim (emissaries, or 'sent ones), as they serve the Holy One in foreign and domestic fields. We encourage you to join us in supporting them with your prayer and finances.
Kharkov, Ukraine:
John & Cathy OBrien

A personal friend of our Rabbi, John OBrien gave his life to the Holy One, by faith in Messiah Y'Shua in 1986. In 1995, after several years of faithful preparation, He and his wife Cathy left their life of comfort in Marana Arizona, to begin their training at New Tribes Bible School, in Waukeshaw, Wisconsin.

John, his wife Cathy, and his four children, Brittaini, Noel, John Steven, and Kendon, have been serving the Holy One, as congregation planters in Kharkov, Ukraine, since the latter part of 1997. Due to the limited quality of available health care, extremes of Ukrainian weather, and resistance from cults and established Orthodox leaders, the OBrien family has had quite an uphill struggle since they arrived in Kharkov. We are happy to report that after many years of investment, a time of great harvest has come, and many have given their lives to the Holy One and are working alongside the OBriens.

You can send your email to the OBriens at:
We encourage you to send your financial support to the OBriens via the following address:
OBrien Ministry
c/o Sun & Shield Baptist Missions
8811 W. Avra Valley Rd.
Marana, AZ 85653

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U of A, Tucson:
Kirk & Regina Walker

Kirk Walker was well on his way to a lucrative career as a lawyer when He encountered a young man with a message on campus. This young man told Kirk about a life of peace with G-d and forgiveness for sin, by faith in Messiah Y'Shua. Kirk later gave his life to the Holy One, and received his call to yield his own plans to be a lawyer and to serve G-d in the same way as the young man who first began to share the Good News with him. Kirk is now serving G-d as one of His representatives, in Campus Ministries, on the University of Arizona, in Tucson.

We are happy to announce that Kirk has been strengthened in his ministry, by marriage to his beautiful bride, Regina, in December of 2000. Together, they are influencing the lives of many young people for the Holy one, on the UofA campus and other college campuses in the US and various foreign countries.

You can send your financial support and letters to the Walkers at the following address:
Walker Ministry
c/o Campus Ministries of Arizona
P.O. Box 40636
Tucson, AZ 85717-0636

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Pucallpa, Peru:
Jason & Shelly Estelle

Jason was born in Bogota, Colombia, South America. His parents were missionaries to Colombia with New Tribes Mission. Jason thanks the L-rd for growing up in a good 'believing' home. He lived in Colombia until he was 17 years old, when he had to leave or be drafted into the Colombian army. Jason felt it was a tremendous privilege to grow up as a missionary kid, and he wouldn't trade it for anything.

Shelly was born in Iowa in 1974. Her parents went to the field of Indonesia in 1975. She lived in Indonesia until she graduated from high school in 1993. She and Jason were married on July 29, 1995. They have two boys, Shawn and Drew.

Growing up in a 'believing' home, Jason realized his hopelessness and personal need for G-d at a very early age. He realized that he needed to put his trust in Messiah's finished work on the cross as sufficient to completely atone for his sin. He thanks the L-rd for parents who were faithful in teaching and leading him according to Biblical standards.

Shelly received eternal life in Y'Shua when she was six. Growing up in a 'believing' home, she had known all along what Messiah has done for her, but it wasn't until she was six that she realized her own need for Him in her life.

Jason graduated from high school in Maitland, Florida. He then attended Pima College in Arizona and became a certified EMT (Emergency Medical Technician). He completed his education at Waukesha Bible School in Wisconsin in the fall of 1994 and at the New Tribes Language Institute in 1996. Shelly also graduated from New Tribes Bible School in 1995 and from the New Tribes Language Institute in 1996.

Currently Jason and Shelly are serving among the unreached people in Peru, working with the Pioneers. The have recently, after over five years of work, begun to make contact with the tribal peoples in the jungles of Peru.

You can send your financial support and letters to the Estelles at the following address:
Estelle Ministry
c/o Pioneers
12343 Narcoossee Rd.
Orlando, FL 32827-6020
The Estelle's field address is:
Apartado 601
Pucallpa, Peru
South America

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